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How to get your website on the first page in Google?

You can easily get maximum traffic for your website by following my SEO strategy now these are not complicated stuff but very basic stuff which anyone who is non-technical can easily implement.

First you need ask yourself ,What does Google really want???


You need to ask this question to yourself. The first thing that pops to your mind is relevance, Google wants relevance. For example – if we type in “Google lawyers in New Delhi” and Google shows “Lawyers in Mumbai”, it does not serve Google or your purpose.


Lot of SEO companies say that these are the best keyword for your site and most people do the mistake of stuffing the too many keyword in their site, all of a sudden they rank in second and third page of Google. You think you are smart and out play Google, but most of the keyword they don’t represent site or they kind of do but not 100% when the Visitors to your site enters your website and find that your website is not what they want they go back and Google will calculate the engagement time.

For Example – we are working with a company that is a dating website. If we thought of using “best dating sites” as a keyword, and they ranked second page on Google. People visit their site and find it boring because they were looking for reviews for which dating sites are best and you show yours they come out of your site. How do google come to know you are relevant the time the visitor engages on your site is a key factor, that’s engagement. The more engaged the visitor is the more Google will think you are relevant. Google will test you first by putting you on top and it will see how many visitors will engage on site like 5 minutes or 1 hour that will determine your relevance the more time on your site will increase your ranking and less time on your website will make your website go down and down.

So what should you do????

Excite your Audience, they should come to your site and get excited and like your site because they wanted something and they got exactly what they wanted. Google will do all they can so that people will not trick them


How to counter this??? Ask Yourself

Who are you talking to? What are they searching for? What keywords are they using? What do they want to find?

So you should put only those keywords that is relevant to the site you should concentrate on only 2 to 3 keywords in a page which is recommended. What people try to do is that they fragment their home page saying that we are this, we are that and we are this. Choose what you want to be found for, that is relevant. If you stuff too many keywords a visitor will enter your website and he might find that this is not his relevant page and leave the page immediately this will be noted by Google and you go down and down the search engines.

What you want to do is type the right keywords on your page, you get placed on google as test you can blog and do some back-linking as soon as you do that you will get more and more visitors coming to your page and Google will see that and increase your ranking and people will also start sharing you and you go higher and higher. Once Google see people sharing you they think your site is more relevant and you go higher on search engine and then you need not work hard.

This the magic formula to get the website rank higher on Google.

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