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Over 8 years of SEO & Digitial Marketing Experience


Aquila SEO team

There might be lot of things happening in your company and times are changing fast with the new revolution of the internet, more and more people are using internet world wide in 1995 we had 16 million internet users today 2017 we have 3739 million internet users. 49.6% of the world is using internet and every year its growing on a fast pace this industry is just getting started and presently its a huge market for buyers and sellers. You can use our expertise to showcase your products to the customers and get the desired results through online marketing.We have all the tools required to reach your target audience which is very important. 


We are here to grow your business!!! With 8 years of prolific experience and certified Google partner tag under our belt .We are an established & well known SEO Company based in Mangalore India that provides a full-range of Digitial marketing services and has constantly delivered unparalleled results for its clients across different industry verticals.

Jithin Suvarna / Managing Director

We believe that understanding the clients need and accordingly customizing our services to achieve clients goals and objectives is the driving factor of our company. We also believe that educating our clients on SEO and Digitial Marketing  is an essential to create transparency to our clients. We are experts in SEO and Digitial Marketing and we work along with Google for pay per click and we are specialized in dynamic web designing.

Being a Google partner we get access to data which is not excess able to general public, as a Google partner we get additional training access to better tools this needed because Digitial marketing is growing very fast and new innovative updates are making it more and more complex and difficult for any Digitial marketing firm if they are not updated.


As a Digital marketing agency we live and breath digital marketing on a daily basis we are constantly learning new strategies and new tactics and stay on the leading edge of digital landscaping . Its our experience and expert strategies which will help your company to get the right strategy to get desired objective. Every Business is different and to find out which is the right channel and strategy is one of the key to your business and we are specialized in that domain.

We just don't Rank Websites. We Go Above and Beyond. After all, that is why you are hiring an SEO company.

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