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SEO Basics

Why first page in Google??? 95% of the traffic goes to the first page. if you are on the first page you will get lot more visitors on the site.

If you want to be in first page in Google your first question is what you want to be found for. Example-Lets say you are plumber in Sydney, you might say if i type plumber you want to be first page well that's not realistic and if you found yourself in the first page for 'plumber' you might be get calls from New York, Perth or Dubai which is irreverent to you business not just are you wasting there time you are wasting your time.

So when you start doing SEO the first thing you have to do is to think local, not only coming up first but there are other thinks you need to see also basically you want to attract customers like able to display your picture displayed or nice title and description will help.

There are two types of search list one is payed ads and other organic search results payed ads will always show a ad symbol on it. Even if any website is a compete garbage you can still rank top by implementing good SEO practices.

First thing Google looks for is relevance whether your site is relevant to the search.Whether URL, Titles and description are relevant to the search,now that's not the only thing, if you see the search results the number of website which is relevant will be huge sometimes more than lakhs and crores website to compete. Now that's why keyword research plays an important part having the right keyword is a game changer.

Google is very smart it not only see relevance but also authority. They see the authority of the different webpage.The way google determines authority by seeing how many links pointing towards the webpage. For example- someone linking your website and saying that this article or product is very good now that's authority, if the links comes from a authoritative site it will boost your website ranking drastically.

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