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We are the best software providers in Mangalore, We have been  offers is a software development company based in Mangalore. We offer innovative, feature rich POS and ERP software products for small and large businesses in various sectors. We have the best user friendly software for Supermarket, Grocery stores, Retail outlets.

Free Demo Download HDPOS smart for your Retail Store


We have a solution for all
Retail stores,
Spa Salon,
Grocery Stores, Schools etc.

Our extremely feature-rich HDPOS smart and its variants appeal to all small and mid-sized businesses. It is the perfect solution for business owners who are looking for a single solution to manage their entire business. Our products also provide very high-end features of analytical reports, business intelligence. And as if that was not enough, business owners can also create complex customized reports and data views to match their needs.

  • Feature rich single solution to meet all your business needs

  • Multilingual support, user define data fields

  • Integrates with most payment gateways

  • Owners dashboard with graphical data representation 

  • Fully secure, granular access rights for each functionality

  • Handling multiple outlets, optional cloud solutions 

  • Access to Reports via smart phones 

  •  Customer display screen, support for Pole display

  • Companion e-commerce and Android Apps

  • Email and text message integration, Pictorial Interface 

Free Demo Download HDPOS smart for your Retail Store

Free Demo Download HDPOS smart for your Retail Store

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