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Welcome to Aquila Web Design Services
We provide the best SEO, Digital Marketing and Web Design services across the globe!  

Getting the Bill

Aquila Software

Best Billing Software For Small Business in Mangalore

HDPOS smart is a comprehensive POS software solution that will take care of all your business needs

Feature-rich POS and ERP software solutions for retail businesses in Mangalore.

The key functionalities include management of sales, purchases, inventory, taxation, financial accounting, suppliers, employees, and customers. Our retail billing software also handles manufacturing needs with BOM (bill of material), customer relation management, printing of barcode stickers. Moreover, our products have integrated text messaging and emailing.


Free Demo Download HDPOS smart for your Retail Store

We have an impeccable team that expertise in Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization, and Social Media Marketing and Web Desiging. 
We are based in Mangalore, India.
Our Company purely exist because of our passion towards what we do, and with the single most purpose of helping you develop your business. 

Search Engine Optimization


The world's biggest search engine - Google, is the most dominant search player throughout the world. People make use of search engines for variety of purposes like research, to locate and buy products, etc. However, there is a huge competition for websites vying for spot #1!  Only by implementing up to date Search Engine Optimization strategies can your website counter against such fierce competition. 

Aquila SEO Experts India is renowned SEO & Internet Marketing Company, based in Mangalore. We have a proven track record and have reflected amazing results for all our clients in the ever changing world of Digital marketing. With our reliable & proven SEO Strategies, we have  dedicated employees who have the right skills & expertise to help boost your company’s organic search rankings, visibility & reach in all major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We can help you in finding your target audience with Social Media Optimization(SMO), and Social Media Marketing (SMM). Your products & services will be reached to the target audience and finally benefit you and your customers.

Thanks to the support of our employees and clients, we are credited as the best SEO & Digital marketing company in Mangalore, India. With more than six years of experience in this field, our team creates rich experience to tailor and target customers with greater precision which includes new skills, including advanced analytics, state of the art training updates on all Internet platforms, and data management.

Innovative  Google certified Digital Marketing Experts at our helm will serve you with  the best digital marketing services which would help you reach your targeted audience. Our explicit strategies acquire, integrate, and analyze data, both in-house and with our Clients.

Google parther

Social Media Optimization


We can help you take advantage from all top voted Social Media Channels like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc that have the potential to drive good online visibility for your business, and provide conversions.We are a professional social media company that handles social media advertising aspect on social networking sites to build customer base and strengthen your revenue proposition.

Web Designing

We ensure we can fuse technology and your business into an effectual web solution. Every business is unique and so are its customers. Aquila Web Design understands this and with its innovative team commits to deliver creative designs, unique content, effective online presence, immense traffic inflow and a successful business. Be it any of your online needs from webdesign,website development,content management solution, CMS theming, SEO and others, our web designers are always at your service. New customers are searching for you online, make sure your business has a website.

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